How to make better design decisions in less than 20 min a day... even if you don't have a “design eye.”

In 20 days, you'll develop a better eye and learn to make design decisions you can apply to your own design projects.

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How do you make better design decisions with the least amount of effort?

I'll show you how in this 20-day email course, starting on Monday.

It's not easy to know what to look for, or how to cross the bridge from, "I don't know why this looks good," to "This page is horribly designed because there's 25 words on this line and anyone who's anyone knows that."

"Never use pure black. Amazing."

Matt L.

"Nate, this whole program has been excellent. I'm currently applying the principles you're teaching to a UI design for a new niche site project I'm building."


"Figma is actually pretty simple and intuitive to use, once you have a few basic pointers."

Jill M.

Even if you're not a designer, you're still making design decisions.

‍Stop searching the web for every single question you have.

Knowing the fundamentals of design opens up the door of not only seeing what good design looks like, but knowing what bad design choices look like.

And knowing what bad design looks like keeps you from making bad decisions.

You don't need to be a designer to make some damn good design decisions. You just need the 80/20.

This email course will show you how.

What's inside?

Hours of video
Figma challenges

Each day contains one email summary, a 20 minute video describing the concept, and a Figma file to complete your challenge.

Week 1

DAY 1: How to use Figma as a total noob so you don't have to fake it anymore

DAY 2: How to pick a font that's not as ungodly as Arial

DAY 3: Stop using unsplash photos like everyone else and learn to stand out

DAY 4: Never use pure black unless your name is Lucifer

DAY 5: Use drop shadows the way nature intended so everything doesn't look like garbage clip art

Week 2

DAY 6: Keep everything aligned with grids that are easy to manage and enjoy

DAY 8: Learn why opposites attract and how they make that sweet sweet magic together

DAY 9: The web is 95% text so treat it like a slippery slope

DAY 10: The web is 95% text so make sure people can read it

Week 3

DAY 11: Add personality to your site to help you stand out online from everyone else

DAY 12: How to combine two colors that dance the tango flawlessly

DAY 13: How to pair typefaces so you'll never stare aimlessly at a list of fonts again

DAY 14: Learn to stack your layers so you create beautiful harmony in your layouts

DAY 15: Create anything you want with this one tool. Including butts

Week 4

DAY 16: Create shockingly beautiful gradients in less than a minute

DAY 17: Design a logo using just a font so you won't need to hire a designer

DAY 18: How to create fancy a$$ buttons people will die to click on

DAY 19: Learn to use and create any mask you want

DAY 20: How to pull together all of your decision decisions so you never have to start from scratch again

Here's what happens when you sign up

Starting Monday, you'll get an email from me. That email will include a few words, a 20 minute video (or less) of me breaking down a design tip, then a design challenge for you to apply.

Designing challenges in this way is key, because learning without doing is a waste of time. I don't want to waste your time.

You'll also get access to the Approachable Design community where you can ask questions about specific lessons. I'll be in there hovering around and helping out.

I can't wait to help you improve your design decision making.

P.S. If you want something for free, learn how to build slide decks that don't put people to sleep.

20 days. 20 videos. 20 challenges.
$199 $99 bucks.

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