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(without being a designer)


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Using our proven inside-out design method, you'll build a design kit for your business so you won't’ have to start from scratch again.

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Cohort 8
Summer 20239 AM - 1 PM PST
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Have you ever been online looking for inspiration and stumbled upon a website that used the exact stock photo you used? 

Or, have you ever been scared to link to something you posted online, embarrassed of the way your own website was designed?

Imagine having your own personal design toolkit, filled with colors, fonts, shapes, and textures that you can mix and match in infinite ways, knowing they will always work well together. 

Your very own sandbox of design toys, full of confident design decisions you made from your own stories and experiences.

You don't need to be a designer to make better design decisions.

My live workshop will show you how to do just that.

Learn the fundamental building blocks of good design while creating your own design system, leading you to make better design decisions to stand out from the sea of minimalist templates.

You're only two days away from having a new starting point for all your future design decisions.

“The Approachable Design workshop opened up a whole new direction for me. I always looked externally for inspiration, but with Nate’s guidance I realized that I already had a clear direction on my personal esthetics.

The two days were brilliant and so much fun. Heaps more effective than therapy.”
Jesee Desjardins
Jesse Desjardins
Head of Community

Only 15 spots are left for Cohort 3!

Aesthetics is the language of feeling, and in a society that's information rich and time-poor, people value feeling more than information.

—Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap

Is this workshop right for me?

You're a creator, writer, freelancer, entrepreneur, or marketer who knows what great design looks like. But, you're unsure how to combine the right colors, shapes, and type into something beautiful that reflects your personality or brand.

Simply, you love design, but you don't consider yourself a designer.

Do you ever catch yourself staring at a website and wonder, “Why does this look so good?”

Design not only can look great, it's how you communicate your personality and taste without uttering a word.

Design is a superpower, which gives you an edge. Design has ROI. Design can fundamentally ooze class, it can build trust, and it can even make you hangry.

I'll teach you how to unlock and apply your own creative taste, starting from the inside out.

Just 3 spots remain for June's cohort


You're a non-designer who feels stuck when making design decisions. I'm a designer who is here to help you get unstuck! Sign up to get periodic tips to solve these frustrating questions. I'll also keep you in the loop for the next cohort!

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"The workshop let me come up with my own style and taste which is huge for me especially as the founder of a brand that wants to communicate our customer and student ethos."
Khe Hy—RadReads
Khe Hy
Founder, Rad Reads
"I’m using parts of Approachable Design as inspiration for helping my clients define their personal aesthetic and from their clothes that fit that idea"
Raquel Rojo
Raquel Rojo
Founder, Innata Style
"AD workshop makes creating a personal design palette (colors, fonts, patterns, and shapes) approachable to non-designers. Each of us has a unique point of view, and AD will help you find your personal creative taste!"
Anand Mariappan
Anand Mariappan
VP of Engineering
"Nate's teaching style is encouraging and inclusive and not judgmental, which I completely appreciated."
Jenny Kim
Jenny Kim
VP Operations & General Counsel
"For the first time, I was able to connect with my audience while giving a presentation.
Eduardo Holschneider
Eduardo Holschneider
Investor and Entrepreneur
"Everybody has their own style. Spending time playing around with what what speaks to you is a thoughtful, fun experience that is totally unique to you and one that will influence how you end up presenting your future work."
Annemarie Munk
Annemarie Munk
Life Coach

Learn the inside secrets to design

Design seems daunting because it feels like it's a language you don't speak. There's so much to learn, you don't know where to start. In Approachable Design, we'll only focus on the highest leverage materials, skipping all the theory for simple, solid decision making.

Understand how to pick and combine colors
Using the inside-out design process, you'll find colors based on your own personality and find complimentary colors to pair with them. You'll understand how to manipulate hue, saturation and value to get the perfect color.

Find your own typeface
You'll never look at type the same way again. 95% of the web is made up of text, and you'll want to understand why you should choose a serif or a sans-serif font, and where to find free or affordable typefaces, all based on your personality.

Choosing a grayscale palette
You'll never look at white and black the same way again. You'll learn why designers rarely use white and black, and how to add a bit of personality to an otherwise minimalist design.

Minimalism is boring
Many non-designers trick themselves into thinking they're a minimalist, but often it's because it's more difficult to know which design decisions to make. We'll show you methods that will transform how you look at minimalist templates forever.

Nate approaches design in a way that's understandable even to the most design-challenged of us. His workshop was fun, full of wonderful people, and I was able to create something that feels like me!”
Jesee Desjardins
James Stuber
YouTuber and Productivity Coach
Nate Kadlac hugging a stuffed animal

Hey, I'm Nate Kadlac

For the past 16 years, I’ve worked as a brand and product designer for early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, like Microsoft, Target, Best Buy, and Sony.

I’m also a self-taught designer, so I know learning the fundamentals of design can be done without spending a lot of money.

Inside-out design:
A proven 3-step process

The web might be boring, but you're not. In just two days, you'll gain the confidence to make better design decisions.

You'll create a design kit you can use for your own website, pitch deck, newsletter, or future company by learning the fundamentals of design. It's an investment in your own personal style.

To unlock your personal taste, we start from the inside-out, using what’s unique to you, to create a visual aesthetic you won't find anywhere else.

Step 1: Unlock your stories and experiences
Step 2: Find your patterns
Step 3: Build your taste palette

Taste PaletteTaste PaletteTaste Palette

What's inside?

Over the 2-day workshop, you’ll learn and apply the inside-out design framework you can carry with you infinitely.

Whether you’re starting a business or wanting to stand out online, you’ll unlock the principles to create a personal aesthetic you won’t find anywhere else.

DAY 1: 9 AM - 1:00 PM PST
Design from the inside
Inside-Out Design

Learn Inside-out design

Learn a repeatable method allowing you to draw inspiration from your own stories and experiences


Unlock your visual aesthetic

Discover your own visual style by applying imagery to your own life stories


Unlock your creative taste

Create visual boards to represent your individual aesthetic: instantly see your style without trying, as others' design choices take a different direction

DAY 2: 9 AM - 1:00 PM PST
Design the outside
Design Fundamentals

Learn to use Figma

We'll build our boards using a collaborative design tool called Figma, which is one of the best tools to design anything your mind can imagine.

Color Palette

Learn to choose fonts

Learn how to choose and create your own colors, typefaces, shapes and textures

Taste Palette

Build your design kit

Turn your visual aesthetic into a defined visual system, which is your new starting point for future design decisions

Video tutorials + community support

Community + Support

Lifetime access to a design community with video tutorials, Q&A, and recorded design breakdowns.

Video Tutorials

Exclusive Playshops

Between workshops, our creative advisors will host design sessions with past students to work on your design projects as a group. Get feedback and support on your own designs.


1:1 Design Session
(Signature & Hi-Fi)

Personalized design feedback on your palette at the end of the workshop

Creative advisors

The creative journey can be scary. It's easy to doubt yourself when making design decisions when you're in a group, or on your own. But, we have you covered!

Heather, Hilary, and Megan all bring their creative energy to support you during the workshop. They'll be present both days to help answer your creative questions during the live sessions, as well as during the breakout rooms.

Heather King
Heather King
Fashion and Jewelry Designer
Hilary Hubanks
Hilary Hubanks
Fine Artist
Megan Goering
Megan Goering
Course Curator


What will I build in the workshop?

In two days, you'll walk away with a personal taste palette which you'll be able to reference when making future design decisions. You'll know which fonts, colors, shapes, textures to use when designing any future artifacts.

Do I need to have design experience?

Nope! This course is aimed at non-designers who care about design, but don't have a traditional design background.

When does the course start?

Both Saturday and Sunday, the course starts at 9 AM, and runs for 4 hours until 1:00 PM.

All times PST. Find your time

Do I get live support?

During the workshop, we will make room for a live Q&A, as well as offer creative feedback using breakout rooms. If more design guidance is needed after the workshop, you can purchase the Signature plan, which gives you additional 1:1 time with Nate to get personalized feedback.

What tools will I use?

We will use Zoom for the live sessions, and Figma during the workshop. One week before the workshop, we will provide video tutorials on how to use the basics of Figma for the workshop.

When do you run follow up support sessions after the main course ends?

Between each workshop we will run (1-2) Playshops on an ongoing basis. Playshops are like like workshops but much more playful! We'll announce these well in advance. They last from 60-90 minutes in total.

When do I get access to the community, and for how long?

One week prior to the course starting, we'll open up the doors to the design community hosted on Circle. There will be video tutorials for you to watch ahead of time, and to prepare for the workshop.

You will have lifetime access to the community.

Who this workshop isn't for...

Even though one can dream, we cannot teach you how to become a professional designer in two days. If you are looking to study design as a profession, please reach out and we can offer alternative courses to take.
Or, you can learn the 80/20 of design, or learn to build better slide decks on your own time.

Who this workshop is for...

You care about design, but have trouble making design decisions. Your personality doesn't reflect your website, newsletter, social profiles, etc. You rely on templates too much, because design feels exhausting. We understand these problems, and think our course will help you! (And it's just plain fun.)

"The workshop paid for itself in that I was able to make the changes myself, and communicate them in a level that is much more professional.

And that's going to have a huge impact on my business."
Jesee Desjardins
Khe Hy
Rad Reads, Supercharge Your Productivity

Cohort 8 Pricing

Approachable Design Cohort 8 is the weekend of Feb 25-26.


2-Day Workshop + Community
Early bird pricing
  • 2-day live workshop to create your personalized design kit
  • Approachable Design Self-Assessment to gauge your foundation, creation and application skills. It'll also give you the opportunity to track your progress from the workshop.
  • Lifetime access to future workshops. Lock in pricing for future workshops
  • 1:1 Design Discovery call before the workshop to get to know us, and ask questions
  • Lifetime access to our design community to get video tutorials, quick answers, share your learnings, and get inspired by other creators
  • Lifetime access to playshops to push your design projects further with past students
  • 60 min focused 1:1 design session with Nate after the workshop to answer specific questions, and help refine any remaining work on your design kit
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The Approachable Design Guarantee

We put a lot of effort into delivering a premium quality experience, and we don't think you'll regret it.

But, If you attend both days in full and don't love Approachable Design, contact us within 14 days after the workshop ends, and we will give you a full refund — NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Your friend in design,
Nate Kadlac